Wheelcake Island is bringing our favourite childhood snacks to the street of London with the help of our mascot - Whee, the humble fat frog. Wheelcakes are soft, moist, fluffy Taiwanese pancakes with creamy fillings in a variety of flavours including adzuki bean, chocolate, matcha and vanilla custard. We stick to our roots in keeping the wheelcakes authentic and tasty.  

We strive to bring the best of Taiwanese culture to everything we do - first class service whilst maintaining a relaxed, welcoming and fun atmosphere.



Our team mascot is the humble fat frog - Wheely, which we found lazing around in a local flea market. His carefree, leisurely and contented attitude comes from having eaten a load of yummy wheelcakes. Of course, this doesn’t mean he’s lazy! He has been all around the Wheelcake World and we will be sharing some of his greatest adventures with you all soon!


Our company name comes from the mythical ‘Wheelcake Island’, a land where the fat frog once travelled to discover the secrets of the perfect wheelcake. It is also a reference to our home, Taiwan, which is also an island.





Yi-Yin Wei ,   Wheelcake Island  , 2017, Ink on paper, 62.5 x 25 (cm)  魏邑穎,〈島上的日常〉,2017,水墨紙本,62.5 x 25 (cm)

Yi-Yin Wei, Wheelcake Island, 2017, Ink on paper, 62.5 x 25 (cm)

魏邑穎,〈島上的日常〉,2017,水墨紙本,62.5 x 25 (cm)